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NASPS Webinar: Recruitment Bottlenecks

NASPS invites you to a webinar focused on early life stage recruitment bottlenecks in sturgeons.  We are excited to have 3 presenters who will describe aspects of their research into early life stages and recruitment.  Registration is free, and we encourage you to register in advance.  If you have any issues registering, please contact us at

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10:00-10:10 AM PST

Welcome and overview James Crossman, NASPS President


10:10-10:30 AM PST

High Mortality During Early Life Stages Results in Severe Recruitment Bottlenecks in Lake Sturgeon

Kim Scribner, Michigan State University


10:30-10:50 AM PST

Intra-reservoir Translocation of White Sturgeon Larvae to Test the Habitat Match/Mismatch Hypothesis for Recruitment Failure in the Transboundary Reach of the Upper Columbia River

Jason McLellan, Confederated Tribes of Colville Reservation


10:50-11:10 AM PST

Forgotten Dead Zone Hinders Conservation of Pallid Sturgeon

Christopher Guy, USGS Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit


11:10-11:30 AM PST

Questions and Discussion



Please note this webinar will not replace the annual NASPS meeting planned for October 2021.