9th International Symposium on Sturgeons (ISS9)

The ISS9 will be held in 17-23 October 2021 in Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou, China.  Details coming soon...



8th International Symposium of Sturgeons (ISS8)

The ISS8 took place in September in Vienna, Austria at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU).  Over 130 presentations and 90 posters were presented by individuals working with sturgeons and paddlefish around the world.  A total of 310 participants from 30 countries attended the meeting.  The countries represented included: Canada, USA, Russia, China, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Romania, United Kingdom, Iran, Hungary, Slovakia, Georgia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Japan, Uruguay, Belgium, Denmark, Serbia, Turkey, Kenya, and Finland.  Twenty four oral presentations and two poster presentations were given by individuals working with North American sturgeons and paddlefish.  Half of the workshops, specifically Population Assessments for Sturgeon:  Methodological and Biological Requirements in the Design of Programs (James Crossman and Tim Haxton) and Conservation Genetics (Andrea Schreier and Amy Welsh), were organized and lead by NASPS members in collaboration with our WSCS colleagues. 


ISS8 Group Photo


Many of the NASPS Board members were able to attend ISS8 and work with WSCS Board members to facilitate communication and collaboration between the societies.




Back row from left to right: James Crossman (NASPS), Gary Anderson (NASPS), Wei Qiwei (WSCS), Mohammad Pourkazemi (WSCS), Leonardo Congiu (WSCS), Paolo Bronzi (WSCS), Stephania Bolden (NASPS), Tim Haxton (NASPS), Molly Webb (NASPS), Mikhail Chebanov (WSCS), Harald Rosenthal (WSCS), Front Row from left to right: Dewayne Fox (NASPS), Jörn Gessner (WSCS), Jessica Collier (NASPS).