WSCS and NASPS affiliation

At Deep Bay, Nanaimo, Canada, on July 23, WSCS (World Sturgeon Conservation Society) and NASPS (North American Sturgeon and Paddlefish Society) approved an Affiliation agreement.

“Thank you all for your constructive and improvement-oriented participation – over time – in developing, promoting and finally completing the affiliation process, thereby serving the  goals and objectives of WSCS and its affiliates. I believe that the somewhat long incubation time to complete the affiliation process  provided ample opportunity to prepare a solid “home structure“ for a healthy and strong association between our still young organizations which can serve as a model also for many others in other countries or regions. Looking forward to a fruitful and enjoyable cooperation and thanks for all your support and efforts. Lets work together effectively to serve our common objectives“ said the WSCS President Harald Rosenthal.

“I am very glad that WSCS and NASPS were finally able to re-connect via our Affiliation agreement. I will be sending you a memo from the NASPS Board within the next weeks with our thoughts on moving forward with our new Affiliation.” Said Ron Bruch, NASPS President.

WSCS Board members shown: Harald Rosenthal, Paolo Bronzi, Joern Gessner, Ron Bruch, Wei Qiwei, Mikhail Chebanov; NASPS Board members shown: Ron Bruch, Ken Sulak, Larry Hildebrand, Molly Webb, Boyd Kynard, Tim Haxton, Michael Parsley.