Shortnose Stout on Tap

Recently, Karl Meyers (local writer, river nut, and idea man for a sturgeon beer) collaborated with Boyd Kynard (local sturgeon nut), and the owner of a local pub, The People's Pint, in Turners Falls, MA.  The result of this union was the development of a new stout ale "Shortnose Stout," which was introduced during a publicized event at the pub.  Boyd Kynard had a display on sturgeon and discussed the dangers posed to spawning shortnose sturgeon at the Rock Dam as a result of river regulation.  Karl Meyers was present to talk to the public about the re-licensing of Turners Falls Dam.  Presently, Turners Falls Dam diverts the Connecticut River into a power canal, thereby depriving the natural river channel (and the Rock Dam shortnose spawning site) of the flow (and bottom velocity) needed to initiate spawning by female shortnose sturgeon.  In late April, B. Kynard and K. Meyers led the Univ. of Massachusetts Wildlife Club, a class, and the public on a walk to the spawning site of shortnose sturgeon at the Rock Dam, where the history of the site was discussed by K. Meyers, the situation for spawning of shortnose sturgeon was reviewed by B. Kynard, and Shortnose Stout was sampled by all. 


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