NASPS President, Vice President, and Past President Attend WSCS Board Meeting in France

Dr. Molly Webb (NASPS President and WSCS Secretary), Dr. James Crossman (NASPS Vice President), and Dr. Ronald Bruch (NASPS Past President) recently traveled to Bordeaux, France to attend the Board Meeting for the WSCS to continue to build a strong relationship between the two societies whose shared mission includes the conservation and restoration of paddlefish and sturgeon species worldwide.  A workshop on “Post Release Monitoring Strategies in Sturgeon Restoration Programs” was held in conjunction with the Board meeting. Forty nine sturgeon researchers and managers from 10 countries participated in the workshop.  Dr. Crossman presented a talk entitled "Monitoring of Hatchery Origin Sturgeon following Release into the Wild: Insights from North American Species" and Dr. Bruch presented a talk entitled "Short and Long-term Post Release Monitoring Strategies for Lake Sturgeon in the Fox-Wolf System".



Photo of attendees of the World Sturgeon Conservation Society (WSCS) Board Meeting,
April 2016, Bordeaux, France. From left to right: Dr. Leonardo Congiu, WSCS Board Member,
Italy; Mrs. Ingrid Rosenthal, wife of Dr. Harald Rosenthal, Germany; Dr. Molly Webb,
North American Sturgeon and Paddlefish Society (NASPS) President and WSCS Secretary,
USA; Dr. James Crossman, NASPS Vice President, Canada; Dr. Gerd-Michael Arndt,
WSCS member, Germany; front Dr. Harald Rosenthal, WSCS President, Germany;
back Dr. Jörn Gessner, WSCS Treasurer, Germany; Dr. Ron Bruch, NASPS Past President,
USA; Dr. Quiwei Wei, WSCS Board Member, China; Dr. Marie-Laure Acolas, WSCS member,
France; Jinming Wu, WSCS member, China; Dr. Paolo Bronzi, WSCS Vice President, Italy.


Dr. James Crossman (NASPS Vice President), Dr. Molly Webb (NASPS President and WSCS 
Secretary), and Dr. Ronald Bruch (NASPS Past President) in Bordeaux, France for the WSCS