NASPS 2019 Annual Meeting Update

A quick update for the 2019 NASPS annual meeting...
First, the NASPS workshop registration is now live! Please visit our website to register for one of our three workshops: 1) Effective Communication in Science and Conservation (half day), 2) Managing multiple data types using a relational database for sturgeon and paddlefish researchers (half day), or 3) Genomic Analysis for Sturgeon Researchers (full day). Lunch is included in all workshops.
Second, we are now accepting proposals for the NASPS 2020 meeting hosts and location! We’d like to receive all proposals by August 12th so we can select and announce our 2020 meeting location at the Manitoba meeting in September. Please see the attached file for a more detailed RFP. The governing board appreciates how much effort it takes to host a meeting and we are happy to help interested parties develop a strong meeting proposal.
Attention all students! The application deadline for the student travel award and student mentor collaboration award is June 28th! So far we have received very few applications so I encourage students to take advantage of this great opportunity! Information about what materials to submit in your applications can be found here and here. Faculty, please encourage your graduate students to apply! Students, not only will an award help you get you to the meeting, it will also help build your CV!
We’ve extended the deadline for the 2019 Order of Acipenser award, to be presented at the annual meeting in September, to July 22nd. If you’d like to nominate someone to be recognized for significant contributions to sturgeon and paddlefish management/conservation, please see our eligibility and application information here. Neither the nominators nor the nominees need to be NASPS members to win the Order of Acipenser award.