Guidelines for Oral Presentation-NASPS 2015

The guidelines for oral presentations at the NASPS Annual 2015 meeting are the following:


Presentation Outlines and Requirements

Power Point is the only medium acceptable.


Please try to keep the size of your presentation file to a minimum. For example, reduce the image size of digital images and avoid video clips.


Presentations are scheduled in 20-minute blocks. The time will be split up by:

Speaker introduction (1 minute);

Presentation (15-16 minutes);

Question and answer period (3-4 minutes).

The moderator will notify you when your presentation reaches 15 minutes and 18 minutes.  You will be asked to leave the podium at 20 minutes


Presentations must start and end on time, no exceptions, because they are coordinated with the other concurrent session.


Presentation Submission


File Labelling: Presentations must be labeled with the following format to indicate the presenters name and the date and time of the talk.

Session_Day_Time_Presenter Name. Time is as listed on the program.

For example: Bottlenecks to Recovery_Tuesday_1040_James_Crossman.pptx


Early Submissions (Encouraged!!): NASPS encourages early submission of presentations, to make meeting logistics as smooth as possible for organizers.  Please submit your presentation by email ahead of the meeting to  When you register at the meeting on Monday October 19th your talk will be loaded and you can review the file at that time to ensure accuracy.


Submission at the meeting: Submission is required at the registration table Monday October 19th for all presenters.  You will be able to load and review your slides at that time. 


Should you be arriving on a later day, please arrive at your session 20 minutes before it begins or find a NASPS governing board member who can help you get your talk loaded earlier.