Final phase of preparations on the ISS 7 in Nanaimo, July 21-25th 2013

The International Symposia on Sturgeons (ISS) are held at four-year intervals to provide a global platform to assess the progress made in both conservation and aquaculture but also to discuss and develop science-based recommendations that serve as guiding principles for future research and management measures. The upcoming 7th ISS is taking place from July 21- 25, 2013, co-hosted by Vancouver Island University (VIU) and the City of Nanaimo, Canada. ISS7 is your opportunity to address the above concerns and contribute to the science-based management of sturgeons.

ISS7 presents a unique opportunity to discuss issues critical to sturgeons in the 21st century. The challenges include both the current dire future of many feral populations and the promise of sturgeon hatcheries to support ecological (conservation/restoration) and economic (food production) benefits to society. The meeting title - Sturgeon, Science and Society ? at the Crossroads: Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century reflects the current state of sturgeon populations worldwide and the need for active and fast support required to maintain, restore and secure a positive future for sturgeons while accruing the benefits to society.

Specific session topics within each of the seven theme areas will be refined over the upcoming months. A formal Call for Papers providing the information on structure and deadlines can be found on the ISS7 web-site.

Link: ISS7 website - call for papers